Shiroka Luka - Smolian Lakes Hut 

This trail starts from the center of the village. Head east on the road toward Pamporovo. Leave Shiroka Luka and continue until you come to a bridge. Cross the bridge and over the Shiroka Luka River. Continue on the dirt road for 15 min to the small rest stop and spring.Travel for another 40 min to reach Jufarovie Spring. Another 30-min traveling and the dirt road turn into an asphalt road. The trial leaves the asphalt road and continues on the dirt road through the meadows. 10 min after the meadows, leave the road and head uphill southeast on the forest road. After 45 min you will come across electrical towers, follow the wires. After 45min you come to the highest tower. Head east on the dirt road for 10 min to a place called Prevalla.Take the road to Smolian for 45 min to a hotel called Criva Reka after 10 min you will come to a small hotel called Mecthta. Go around the building on the left and continue for 10-15 min to the first of the Smolian lakes called Muddy Lake. After the lake, continue on an asphalt road for 5 min to the Smolian lakes Hut.To the peak Snezhanka you can as well go by ski-lift.

Shiroka Luka - Perelik Hut

Start from the music school and head up the asphalt road. Take the fork on the left along the river. Look on your left for a spring and rest stop. After 10 min you will come to another fork in the road. Take the fork on the right this time. Continue into the village of Solishta. Walk past the village in a southerly direction until you get to the dirt road. Continue through meadows.After 20 min you come to an open hill and a water conduit and continue in a southerly direction. After another 20 min you come to a sharp curve to the right in the road (west). Continue for 10 min after the curve you come to a spring and rest stop. 20 more min continuing uphill brings you passed meadows that are on your left. Continue going ahead in a southerly direction. After a steep area you go on to the scenic road from Pamporovo to a village of Mugla.

Perelik Hut - Stikul - Shiroka Luka

The Perelik Hut is under the peak with the same name. You can go to the hut by car or by hiking. To hike there, see trail #2 or follow the yellow marked trail from Lednitsata Hut past the village of Gela to Perelik Hut. From the hut travel north through the spruce forest. After 10 min you will reach Yanchova Voda Spring. Continue on the trail still headed north passing a pine forest. After 30 min you will reach the scenic dirt road. Continue left on the road toward Turlatta Peak. After 20 min you cross the river Sueleeska. After15 min you will reach a mountain creek. Continue on the road for 10 min. You will you will come to an electrical sub station. Now you will leave the road to a smaller road for horse carts. Continue to the right. You will pass pine forests. Continue to the small chapel St. Constantine & Elena. This is a good place too rest as there is a spring here. You go further north for 30 min, to the small ‘mahala’ Burtseto, which is part of the village Stikul. Here you can find the chapel St. Duggh. After this group of houses you continue through the pine forest. After 30 min you will come to the asphalt road that heads in to Solishta. Head to the right. After Solishta, follow the road for 30 min into Shiroka Luka.

Shiroka Luka -Gela

The trail is marked with green. Start from the yard of the music school, head up the stairs toward the Hotel Shiroka Luka. You will have to walk uphill and the trail will take you on to the road for a few meters where you will head back into the forest. Follow the green markers to Zaevite, a group of houses (mahala). Continue to St.Iliya Chapel in a large meadow. From the Shiroka Luka to the chapel allow 1 and half-hours. To go to Gela, you continue on the dirt road headed east. At the beginning of the trail you will see the church St. Troitsa. From the meadows to Gela is about 30 min.

Shiroka Luka - Lednitsata Hut

The trail marked in blue follows the road to Devin (west). After 30 min from the village, you will arrive at a small house on your left. Cross the bridge and follow the dirt road. After about 20 min you will arrive at a spring. Continue for 10 min following the markers and you will pass some houses. The trail continues south on the dirt road following the valley of the small creek. After 1.45hrs you will reach the area called Parajika. After 15 min following the road you will come to Lednitza cave. The entrance is on your left, (look for the sign). After 30 min you will come to Lednitsata Hut.

Shiroka Luka - Vurbovo- Izgrev Hut -Choudnite Mostove Hut

From Shiroka Luka to the village of Vurbovo is approximately 1 hr following the road to Devin (west). You should follow the yellow and green markers. 1km from Shiroka Luka the road forks you should go up and to the right, where you can see the monument of the maiden (rock formation). Another 45 min gets you to the mostly abandoned village of Vurbovo. Crossing the oldbridge you can see the church St. Gorgi above you. The houses of the village, old rhodopean style, were used many times for sets for movies. Continue follow the yellow and green markers to the Izgrev Hut. From Vurbovo to the hut is approximately 3 hrs. From Izgrev Hut you can go to the natural phenomena Chudnite Mostove and to the Chudnite Mostove Hut in 4.30 hrs.

Shiroka Luka - Chapel St. Elena - Stoikite

The trail starts from the center of Shiroka Luka. Head toward Pamporovo. Walk on the road for 15 min and cross the bridge. Immediately after the bridge turn left on the dirt road and after 15 meters you go up through the forest to the southeast on a trail. The trail passes meadows and then a spruce forest to a big clearing at the end of which is the chapel St. St. Constantine and Elena. This chapel was built on the St. Elena peak. From Shiroka Luka to the chapel is about 1 hrs and 30 min. To the east (500 meters) you can see remains from Thracian tombs. After the chapel you head south following the trail towards Mahala Elena. From here the trail continues on a dirt road. Continue southeast towards another Mahala of Stiokite, Graashtitsa. Passing by the chapel St. Troitsa. From here you can see to the south the Perelik Peaks; the highest peaks in the Rhodopes, Perelik and Shirokolushki Snezhnik (Karlak). It will take about 45 min from St. St. Constantine and Elena and St. Troitsa. Head east to a TV antenna. Five min after this you go into Mahala Kiakovska, to the church St. St. Peter and Pavel.

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